Kitchen Catch-Up

Thanks to the generosity of this congregation, we’ve been able to continue providing meals to Hope for Home. With a small, mighty crew we provide three full meals a month to 150 participants. I’m truly overwhelmed with this congregation’s commitment to serve our neighbors in need. Thank you!

  We work at creating a home cooked meal and often serve a simple casserole or baked pasta dish, a green salad, fruit and cornbread or garlic bread. Sometimes our budget allows for dessert and I’m told the participants appreciate our efforts, when we’re successful. When possible, we incorporate harvests from the Peace and Carrots Garden to offer a true Farm to Table experience. We are full of gratitude to the families that garden and share their bounty with us. There just isn’t anything better tasting than a garden-fresh meal. 

This program happens because of a generous congregation and amazing volunteers. Special thanks to those who have helped and continue to help.

From my grateful heart,