Peace Camp

What is Peace Camp?

The La Verne Church of the Brethren sponsors a non-religious day camp, which takes place each July, designed for Kindergartners – 5th grade. Peace topics are explored through art, drama, song, service projects, gardening, and more. Due to Covid-19, and in an effort to protect the vulnerable in our community, Peace Camp 2020 took place virtually last year and will take place via Zoom in 2021. You can access Peace Camp 2020 anytime, through the videos below. Information and registration for Peace Camp 2021 can also be found below.

Peace Camp 2021 Peace Builders: Shaping our World with Creative Tools

Peace Camp 2021 was amazing! Thanks to all who participated.

Here is a free digital activity book based on our theme: Peace Camp 2021 Activity Book.

Peace Camp 2020

Peace Camp | Day 1 | Stop, Drop & Breathe

Peace Camp 2020 | Day 2 | Spot the Problem & My Feelings

Peace Camp 2020 | Day 3 | Actively Listen!

Peace Camp | Day 4 | Spot Solutions!

Peace Camp 2020 | Day 5 | Practice It!