Peace Camp

Peace Camp Update

At the end of July, we held our 20th annual Peace Camp, entitled Super Powerful Peace. Forty-eight Peace Campers and even more Peace Camp volunteers, met on our campus to explore nonviolence in meaningful and relevant ways. Each day, Peace Campers were introduced to a nonviolent superhero, creatively designed by our Peace Camp team. Superhero Freeze used their superpower of freezing to find peace when conflicts arise. XR used his x-ray vision to look beyond the surface of behaviors to see what is really going on, helping students notice how unmet needs can cause negative behavior. Sklyer taught us that flying to the past and learning its history can help save the future. Mighty Maddie’s strength demonstrated that super strength is nonviolent. And superhero Radiance taught us that there is super powerful peace in community. We partnered with The African American Museum of Beginnings and raised funds through a nightly lemonade stand to support their work of educating our community on often overlooked aspects of history. It was an incredible week, full of art, garden, kitchen, yoga and more. Thanks to everyone who donated funds, supplies and their time and energy to make Peace Camp happen.  

What is Peace Camp?

The La Verne Church of the Brethren sponsors a non-religious day camp, which takes place each July, designed for students entering Kindergarten – students entering 6th grade. Peace topics include non-violence, inner peace, global peace, advocacy, justice, and more. Students participate in hands-on activities such as planting in our community garden, cooking in our commercial kitchen, exploring open-ended art in our courtyard, working on tangible service projects for the community, and more. Peace Camp is a much-loved tradition and students in the community often come back to volunteer because of the lasting impact Peace Camp has had on their lives.

Summer Service Students

La Verne Church of the Brethren would like to thank this years 2023 summer service students who will be assisting in Peace Camp.

Dakota Bechtel

Psychology Major

Hi y’all! My name is Dakota, I’m 21, and I use they/them/theirs pronouns. I’m an out-of-state student (born in Las Vegas, NV and raised in Austin, TX 🤠) and I’m finishing up my second year within my major of psychology and a gender studies minor. This is my second year of doing Summer Service and I’m so excited and grateful to be able to get so to this for another summer! I chose the Church of Brethren because I want to get more exposure to smaller churches and I want to get to know the local community of La Verne a lot more. If you see me around, ask me anything about my major; my cat; or my opinions on things like astrology, the MCU, or anything involving my major!

Nataly Zepeda

Psychology Major

Hello my name is Nataly Zepeda. I am a psychology major and hope to become a behavioral specialist one day. I am a second year at the University of La Verne, but I am from Inglewood, CA. I am very creative and competitive. I like to read, write, and dance. I am excited to volunteer at the Church of the Brethren because I will be strengthening my relationship with god. Along with that, I will be working with kids and hoping to make a positive impact on their lives.

Keiry Villatoro

Psychology & Sociology Major

My name is Keiry Villatoro, and I’m a Senior at the University of La Verne studying Sociology and Psychology. I’m pumped to work with CoB because I love helping out in my community and working with kids. My top priority is to get experience working with children and teach them how to spread kindness, even in small ways. I think this will be a fun and rewarding experience that will help me grow my skills. Oh, and a fun fact about me is that I have seven siblings, so I’m no stranger to being around kids!

Peace Camp 2022 – Our Story of Peace

Peace Camp 2022 was amazing! Thanks to all who participated.

Peace Camp takes place every year in the month of July from 5:30 p.m. – 8:00 p.m. It is designed for children entering kindergarten through 6th grade. We offer a Mini-Peace Camp option for children between the ages of 2 and 4, with a participant cap.

Our focus this year was children’s books and how we may also write our own peace stories in the world. Our service project entailed building and supplying a Little Free Library for the community.  As usual, students explored peace concepts through open-ended art projects, cooking, gardening, and more!

Peace Camp registration is now closed. If you’d like to sign your student up for 2023, please email for more information.

Peace Camp Book Drive Wish List: As part of our service project, we are collecting new and gently used peace and justice-themed books for our Little Free Library and to donate to a local elementary school. To see what type of books we are in search of and to donate a book visit:

Peace Camp 2021 Peace Builders: Shaping our World with Creative Tools

Peace Camp 2021 was amazing! Thanks to all who participated.

Here is a free digital activity book based on our theme: Peace Camp 2021 Activity Book.

Peace Camp 2020

Peace Camp | Day 1 | Stop, Drop & Breathe

Peace Camp 2020 | Day 2 | Spot the Problem & My Feelings

Peace Camp 2020 | Day 3 | Actively Listen!

Peace Camp | Day 4 | Spot Solutions!

Peace Camp 2020 | Day 5 | Practice It!