Choir Concert 2024- Update

Mozart’s Requiem at the La Verne Church of the Brethren: Update

Requiem Concert a ‘Mass-ive’ Success!

A rousing performance of Mozart’s Requiem was held in our sanctuary April 21 thanks to the combined efforts of both choirs of California State Polytechnic University, Pomona, our Sanctuary Choir, and a professional chamber orchestra.

When the last movement ended, an estimated audience of 420 people responded with cheers and applause. Ushers reported that a tangible felling of joy filled the narthex as audience members filed out. Out on the courtyard at the well-attended cookie reception, ample servings of cookies and more high praise were served. Some of the comments heard included- “The entire work just keep moving me forward, swelling with feeling.”, “It was sung perfectly. Every word carried true and clear!”, “It’s remarkable that an amateur choir can perform this work so magnificently.” and “I enjoyed it so much! I wanted to be singing with you!”

Sanctuary Choir members expressed their delight at performing such a beautiful work before such a full house with so well-prepared CPP students. Especially noteworthy were the phenomenal performances of two of our sanctuary choir members: soprano Elizabeth (Lizzy) Blandino and bass David Tkach.

Director Niké St. Clair has worked on this concert since the end of the Christmas season. She rehearsed each choir separately for months, recruited a professional chamber orchestra of 26 instrumentalists and provided a videographer to record the concert. In the not-too-distant future, a professional recording of this concert will be available on YouTube. Please look for an announcement in future church publications.

All the effort paid off as Niké confirmed in her comments afterwards. “I would like to thank our choir for your outstanding work. You were magnificent, and I couldn’t be prouder!”

She also shared her appreciation for the help of the church staff, ushers and all other volunteers. “You provided elegance, decorum, and a very warm first impression of our beloved church. Thank you for your time and effort!”

Director Niké St. Clair expressed her gratitude as she closed her remarks to all those involved. “I appreciate and treasure you all! My heart is full today.”                                                                                                          – Doug Bro

Photo Credit: Eric Davis