“Family” is an all-inclusive word here at the La Verne Church of the Brethren.

We have families that consist of parents and children, a parent and children, parents and a child, a parent and a child, a couple, a single person, or an intergenerational configuration.

We have people who come here seeking a place for their families to grow and learn. We have people who come here seeking the family they never had. Families have a very important role here at La Verne Church of the Brethren.

No matter what your family looks like, we are together on a journey seeking support, encouragement, and the nourishment of acceptance and love to grow and be the best we can be for our families, our community, and ultimately the world.

We have activities that are specifically geared for parents raising children. We have many activities that are for everyone in the church family:  All-church meals, family gardening groups, worship, spiritual formation offerings, service projects, and more.

We invite you to come be part of our family!