Worship Themes

Worship 9:30 am

October 6
Just Who is Your God?
Susan Boyer

Most of us have images of God in our head associated with the God we learned about in Sunday School from our childhood. Others are meeting God or rediscovering the God who looks nothing like the God of our childhood. How do you envision God?
Revelation 21:1, 5a, I John 4:11-12

October 13
Dear Thyatira
The Tolerant Church
Tom Hostetler

The Thyatira church was commended for its good deeds – acts of love and faith, service and endurance. And it sees Jesus as the Son of God, in opposition to the immorality and hyper-patriotism of the Empire. Is there a message there for us today?
Revelation 2:18-29

October 20
Answering the Call
Dr. Eric Bishop

The power, history, and mission of the University of La Verne can be more than just a simple education. There is a vision that much like the expectations of God, those who emerge are prepared to achieve more than ever imagined.
2 Timothy 1:6-11

October 27
Dear Sardis
The Time is Now!
Dawna Welch

The church needs an infusion of love and spiritual renewal to be relevant in a world seeking an authentic expression of faith. That was true for Sardis, and it is true for the North American, modern day church as well. But talk is cheap. We need a wake-up, show-up, speak-up kind of faith, and the time to do it is NOW!
Revelation 3:1-6