Worship Themes

Summer Sermon Series:  Troubling Theologies

Christianity has a history of entanglement with systems of patriarchy and white supremacy. More to the point, certain Christian theologies have functioned to deny, rationalize or uphold these harmful systems. Beginning at the end of July and extending through most of August, this series will examine some of these theologies and the many ways that they have blinded us to the needs and well-being of those who are outside of the security of the white church, as well as limited our religious development and moral sensibilities.  

An Invitation

Can you remember a time when something that you deeply believed about the Bible, God or the church fell apart for you? What were the circumstances? What was that experience like? How did it impact you? Were you able to move to a different place, and if so, what enabled you to do that? 

If you have an experience that you would like to briefly share during worship as a part of the Troubling Theologies Series, please contact Carol Wise at carol@lavernecob.org and we’ll talk about it.