Worship Themes

Super Sunday – February 2

Dawna Welch

If we worshiped Sunday mornings with the same enthusiasm as we watched the Super Bowl on Sunday afternoon, we would have to build bleachers in the East Room to hold all the people. What is it that makes fans so intense about their football teams? What can the Super Bowl teach us about what truly drives authentic worship? Romans 15:1-7

The Beatitudes: Poor in Spirit – February 9

Tom Hostetler

As we begin this new decade with turmoil in our neighborhoods, our cities, our country, our world, and our church, it’s a time to refocus our attention on what truly matters. In the Sermon on the Mount, Jesus begins by talking about what can really bring true happiness. The first Beatitude calls us to be real, to be humble, to be ready to accept God’s loving grace. That reminder to be constantly transforming ourselves into Christ’s image, while doing Christ’s work, helps keep us in vertical and horizontal alignment with the will of God for our upward and outward work. Matthew 5:1-12

Trusting God Against All Odds – February 16

Susan Boyer

Caleb was sent into Canaan as one of twelve spies to see what life was like in the Promised Land. He came back with good news. The other eleven didn’t. Fear is always our worst enemy.Numbers 13:1-2, 17-20, 25, 28, 30-32

Call Me by My Name: Queer Readings of the Bible – February 23

Dr. Jonathan Bay

Jonathan Bay will be giving his first sermon this Sunday. He will look at different figures and biblical stories that relate to and are about queer experiences.