Worship Themes

Worship- Every Sunday at 9:30 a.m.

Worship Themes:  September 

September 3 – Deconstructed and Reimagined Faith: Morality to Dignity 

This Sunday is part of our series, Deconstructed and Reimagined Faith, that stems from an article by Peter Choi in The Christian Century magazine that envisions how a new generation is reshaping the church. 

New Series! 

        Woven Together in Love 

    …that your hearts may be encouraged, being woven together in love.. (Col 2:2) 

The epistle to the Colossians, often attributed to Paul, is a letter of encouragement and proclamation to a young congregation in Colossae. For four weeks beginning on September 10th, we will be exploring what it means to be a community that is woven together in love. 

September 10 – Creating Community: The Radical Act of Weaving 

In a society that celebrates individualism, the choice to be a part of a community, especially a community of faith, can be a radical decision. What might be the implications of such a choice? 

September 17 – Of Joys and Dreams: What Weaves Us Together 

On this Sunday, Tom Hostetler will preach his final sermon before his retirement as our Pastor for Older Adults. He will reflect upon his five decades of ministry and the multitude of ways that his ministry and life have been impacted by the values, joys and dreams of this community. 

September 24 – Fearfully and Wonderfully Made: Our Woven Parts 

Psalm 139 speaks of God’s devotion and deep knowing of each of us as unique and wonderfully made. What does it mean to be grounded in such holy steadfastness, and how does that impact how we are together?  

October 1 World Communion Sunday: A Rich Tapestry 

The first Sunday in October is designed as World Communion Sunday, where Christians all over the globe share in the goodness of the bread and the cup. On this Sunday we will explore what gifts our tradition has to offer to the wider Christian community, as well as the gifts that we each bring to our faith community here.