Worship Themes

First Sunday of Lent – March 1

Susan Boyer

Water of Creation

As we begin a Lenten worship series on water, we look at the role that water played in the first creation story.  In six days of creation, water is mentioned in three of them.  Human beings are only mentioned on day six.  Water seems to be of utmost importance. Genesis 1:1-13

2nd Sunday of Lent – March 8

Susan Boyer

By the Waters of Babylon

While exiled in Babylon, the Israelites sat down under a tree by the waters of the land of their oppressors and sang.  Those living in exile kept their relation to Jerusalem alive in liturgies of lament. Psalm 137

3rd Sunday of Lent -March 15

Dawna Welch

Invitation For the Thirsty

Jesus re-interprets ritual that would have been very familiar to those attending the Festival of Tabernacles. In doing so, he invites them, and us, to drink and become living water for a thirsty world. Isaiah 58:11 / John 7:37-39

4th Sunday of Lent – March 22

Susan Boyer

Water Into Wine

We call the story of Jesus turning water into wine a miracle, but that is not the framework the author of the Gospel of John uses.  It is a sign of who Jesus is to be in the world.  He brings transformation. John 2:1-11

5th Sunday of Lent: March 29

Susan Boyer

Walking on Water

My friend often says to me, “Is it really an adventure if you can’t die doing it?”  God wants more from us than safe and stable lives. God calls us to an adventuresome faith. Matthew 14:22-33