What to Expect

Our worship style is pretty traditional – but often with a twist.

We sing hymns, have a choir, hear scriptures and sermons – but try to add those moments that go beyond the expected: a new insight, a song that takes your breath away, or a moment of silence that invites you into the very presence of God. Come to worship. Expect surprises.

Language in Worship

Because language has the power to shape our thinking about one another and God, the La Verne Church of the Brethren makes an effort to bring the language of worship into conformity with the belief that the personhood of God embraces both male and female, and that men and women are equals. Therefore, in our worship, we strive to use inclusive language, even as historical texts and songs that are widely known and loved may be left unaltered.

Welcome Packet

Make sure to stop in the narthex, after worship and see the person carrying a basket of bread. Here, you will receive a fresh loaf of bread and a welcome packet with information about our church.