Spirituality & Social Justice Conversation Series: Creating Space for Change

Wednesday Evenings 5:00 – 6:00 p.m.

September 9 – October 14 (6-weeks)

Advanced sign-up required: dawna@lavernecob.org

Deadline to register for Conversation is August 26.

Overwhelmed by the problems of our world?  Want to give up and feel compelled to keep going at the same time? Understanding the dynamic intersection of spirituality and social justice can help you do the deep work at a sustainable, life giving pace.  In this series we’ll work together to learn and practice how to call people into reflection and conversations that create space for changes in our world that will help each of us and all of us thrive.

Topics include:

  1. Unlimited living
    1. Moving from spiritual bypassing, political correctness, and excuses to Spiritual growth, thoughtful changes, and personal responsibility

2. Trauma Awareness and Resiliency

3. Trauma informed listening

4. Let yourself be made new

  • Facing white privilege and perpetrator induced trauma

5. Pacifism: privilege or practice

6. Pace yourself: building strength for the long hall

What you will need for this group: an acceptance of the need for change, humility to listen and learn, courage to speak and to listen, respect for others, effective mental heath practices