Peace and Justice Calendar

Here is a list of Peace and Justice events you might be interested in:

Community Garden

We help feed our neighbors through contributions to the local food bank. In 2010 we contributed 945 pounds of food, in 2011 we gave 1,408 pounds, and in the summer season of 2012 we sent 1,268 pounds.

Going Green

Care for the environment has always been a core value. Five or more years ago, some of our members met to discuss the possibilities of converting our church building from electricity supplied by Edison to solar power.

Inland Valley Hope Partners

Inland Valley Hope Partners brings together faith communities, businesses, individuals and community groups and ensures the empowerment of people by providing food, shelter and supportive services.

More Ways to Serve

We believe that Jesus calls us to feed the hungry, clothe the naked, visit the seek, and share a cup of cold water with the thirsty. In other words, we strive to continue Jesus’ work by being of service in the world.