The Heavenly Host

Letha Ressler posted this photo on Facebook after going over to the church sanctuary one night to prepare the worship table for Sunday.  She found that the lights in a dark sanctuary created peace crane shadows on the wall of the choir loft.  When I first saw the photo I was taken by its beauty.  However, as I began to plan for Advent worships around the theme of darkness, Letha’s photo kept returning to my mind.  I thought of the night the shepherds looked up into the night sky and saw a heavenly host.

Throughout Advent and Christmas this year, we will be looking at darkness, its gifts and challenges. On Christmas Eve, cranes will be flying above the choir and casting their shadows.  It will appear as if the heavenly host has flown right into our church sanctuary.  That is what we are hoping for as we wait for Christ to be born again.  We want to hear good news of great joy! Join us on Christmas Eve at 9:00 p.m. as we wait in the darkness for the One who is the Light of the World.