Sunday School Stories Revisited

This Lent, Pastor Janet and I are planning a sermon series called “Sunday School Stories Revisited.”  We live in a Bible-saturated culture in which most people know the story of Adam and Eve, Noah’s Ark, Joseph and the multi-colored coat, and the Prodigal Son, just to name a few….but most people have never read them.  It just proves the saying about the Bible that it is “the book millions live their lives by and hundreds have actually read.”

I do a sermon series in the summer called “Is That Really in the Bible?” about stories in the Bible most people have never heard.  This series is different.  These are the stories we have all heard numerous times and had interpreted for us.  For example, we are told that the story of Adam and Eve is about original sin and that marriage is between one man and one woman.  Is that true or could it be that is an interpretation placed on the story?

Pastor Janet and I have chosen five biblical stories to look at again and actually read together.  We want to take them out of the children’s Sunday School classroom, where many of them have been interpreted into moralistic stories, and find the complexities and truths that each story has to tell.  We want to see these stories with adult eyes and mine their theological depths.

We hope you join us for Lent this year, as we dust off some well-loved stories and allow the Bible to speak to us anew in our current age.  Use the season of Lent as a time to crack open your Bible and join us on this journey.