Nursery Caregiver

With an understanding and internalization of the mission of the La Verne Church of the Brethren, the nursery caregiver shall provide supervision and care for children in the church nursery. Additionally, the nursery caregiver is responsible for providing a safe, nurturing and engaging environment in the church nursery for children who are infants through first grade.

 Some early childhood education classes is desirable

 One year experience working with children, toddler through age 6;
 Child development training preferred;
 Current CPR required.

Knowledge & Abilities:
Knowledge of:
1. Infant dynamics;
2. Small child dynamics.

Ability to:
1. Supervise multiple children simultaneously;
2. Possess an obvious enjoyment of working with children;
3. Work cooperatively with church staff and volunteers;
4. Recruit volunteer assistants;
5. Maintain honesty and integrity;
6. Follow the church’s guidelines;
7. Maintain confidentiality.

Essential & Representative Duties: — Duties may include, but are not limited to the following:
1. Have the nursery ready to receive children by 9:00 am each Sunday;
2. Maintain appropriate activities for children under the age of 3 during the Sunday School and Worship times;
3. Serve as a Mandatory Reporter;
4. Arrange the nursery to allow children to have multiple activity choices when they arrive and throughout their stay;
5. Work with the Coordinator of Children’s Ministries and Christian Education Commission to ensure that needed toys and supplies are present;
6. Provide nursery supervision and opportunities during church events and as necessary, may include after Sunday worship, special events, council meetings;
7. Greet parents and follow the sign in and sign out policies of the church;
8. Ensure that children leave the nursery only with an adult who has permission to pick them up;
9. Inform parents and staff of any accidents, unusual events or behavior as necessary;
10. Change diapers and assist with toileting as necessary;
11. Clean up toys and craft activities after children have gone;
12. Be on time.

Working Conditions:
The nursery caregiver maintains frequent contact with parents, volunteers and members of the church community and face potential hazards of overbearing parents and anti-social behavior. Must be able to work in a chaotic environment.

May be required to use personal vehicle to conduct church business. Staff member must be aware of, and follow the Employee Vehicle Usage Policy of the La Verne Church of the Brethren.

Physical Abilities
Ability to bend, squat, lift infants, lift toddlers.

This position description is not meant to be all inclusive of qualifications and responsibilities.

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WE believe in compassionate service, stewardship of creation, respect for diversity and nonviolent reconciliation for differences among all people and nations.
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