We have a lively, multi-stylistic, multi-generational music program.

What Makes Us Unique?
It’s open to people of all levels, but we take pride in our accomplished level of musicianship in multiple areas. Driving our program are Shawn Kirchner and Niké St. Clair, both of whom are affiliated with the L.A. Master Chorale and L.A. Philharmonic, which provide professional stimulation that they bring back to church every Sunday. These two often present original compositions and arrangements designed to capture the essence of a particular service or sermon.

We have a multi-stylistic approach that blends the contemporary with the traditional. Our music ranges from High Church with a grand pipe organ to contemporary world Christian music to African American gospel with drums and piano.

Ages and Experiences
We strive to provide an avenue for all people to share their talents through singing and instruments. Our programs are multi-generational and draw on talent at all ages and levels. Our experience includes professional horn and flute players, first-time choir members, a child harpist, young pianists, and current and former music educators who bring a great level of skill to beginners and children. All are welcome to participate.