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I have only been going to La Verne Church of Brethren since October. And the youth group welcomed me in right away and it’s the first time too, because I usually stand out and at my old church no one really talked to me. But it’s not that way with this youth group. With this youth group you’re always included, no one will ever be feeling out of place, because everyone welcomes you, talks to you, and just makes sure you’re having an amazing time! I truly am in love with this church’s youth group! Everyone in the youth group are funny, outgoing, sweet, and just so many things to name! So yes I do love this place and I know that someone will always be there for me! — Katie M.

As a part of the LGBT community, I was nervous about a new church. I had left religion behind because the church I grew up in started to talk more about sin and less about who we were supposed to be as people. This is the church I have been looking for, a church where I can be trans and be concerned for the environment and be myself. I feel encouraged by others in the community to love and care about who they are as people. It feels easy to be part of this church and that, in turn, feels good. Jonathan B.

Being born into the Church and having a strong familial presence did not prepare me for how much this community would help me during times of transition like college. It is a place of people who are growing, learning, and finding meaning in life together, such that love and support and encouragement really happens. My church home had been my example and they stood by my widening of the circle of God’s love, and I love them all the more for it. Elizabeth B.

The LVCOB group of Brethren youth are a fun-loving, vibrant, unique, personable, and pretty progressive bunch who engage in living out the values of being Christians in the 21st century, whether it be by organizing exciting functions (luncheons, talent shows, etc.) or experiencing things we wouldn’t normally get to experience (homeless lock-out, church tours, etc.). We strive to be open-minded and respectful, as well as acknowledging the needs of others less fortunate than us, like when we participate in the Christmas Shopping Spree for other families. Paige

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