The Happiest Place on Earth

I always know when Facebook lights up with an article that pertains to church life.  I usually get several copies emailed to me and I am glad for the information.  I like to know what all of you are reading.  One that came to me recently was the Forbes magazine article on the Ten Happiest(…)

Puppies, Raccoons and Baby Hummingbirds

All of these creatures have found their way to our church courtyard recently.  The puppies were here twice, escape-artists from their own backyard.  The raccoons were so young they didn’t know enough to be nocturnal and played in broad daylight.  As for the baby hummingbirds, they were greeted with special signage: The day the puppies(…)

Big Ideas and Real Conversations

Shortly after I came to California to be a pastor of the La Verne Church of the Brethren, I was invited to join a small group of clergy (retired and active) who meet once a month at Carrows.  We take turns presenting on an issue of interest to us.  I have been part of that(…)

Why I Love Pentecost

Why I Love Pentecost When I told someone that I was going to write my pastor’s page on Pentecost this month she said, “Of course you are!”  I guess it is obvious I love Pentecost.  I ask you all to wear red or flame colors on Pentecost Sunday.  I start months ahead of time thinking(…)

Gospel Shorthand

Every generation has its shorthand, symbols, words or phrases that signify greater meaning to those “in the know.”

Is Resurrection True?

My favorite account of the Easter story comes from the Gospel of John. The curtain in the Holy of Holies is not torn in two.

The Need to Relinquish

Growing up in Hutchinson, Kansas in the sixties, the only people I knew who observed Lent were my Catholic friends.

Saying Thank You

This past year the Personnel Commission gathered the staff of the La Verne Church of the Brethren for a morning retreat.

Stay Awake

I read recently that in a French Book of Hours from the Middle Ages, Mary is depicted as holding the infant Jesus, cradled in a book.