Our youth love and laugh with their whole hearts.  They believe they can change the world and set out to do it.

PR Workcamp Van CrewThey want to know “why?”, “how?” and “whom?” and aren’t afraid to ask. La Verne Church of the Brethren youth are compassionate, curious, spontaneous and fun!

Youth Drop-In and Chill Out
Sunday School may be on a break for the summer, but the Youth “Rainbow” Room will still be open on Sundays from 9:00 to 10:00 a.m. for youth who want to hang out and catch up with each other.  Come by before you go to church and find out what’s “good, bad, and ugly”!


LVCOB Youth WorkcampYouth Activities
Our youth get together frequently, but not regularly. Times, places and dates vary in order to meet the complex and ever-changing schedules of today’s teens. Throughout the year, we do service projects, hold fundraisers and hang out together, playing Sardines, Broom Hockey, playing board games, as well as throwing parties and going to camps and conferences. We are always finding new, fun things to do, like holding our own version of the cooking competition, Chopped! We also have big events which we hold every few years – a Coffee House Talent Show, a Homeless Lockout (a simulation in homelessness, see below) and a Rose Parade Campout. Every four years, we attend the Church of the Brethren National Youth Conference and travel somewhere in the world for a LVCOB Youth Workcamp. What we do together is always changing. How we do it is always the same – enthusiastically!

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Youth Spotlight: Homeless Lockout
Last month, 9 courageous High School Youth spent the night at the church – outdoors, wearing only the clothes on their back. Each youth was given the identify of a person who has endured homelessness – a pregnant teen, a senior citizen, a disabled veteran, a person living with mental illness, etc. These were the stories they lived out through the night. Shelters were created from cast-off cardboard and a variety of odds and ends. Shelter construction materials were available based on “first come, first serve”. However, heavy “borrowing without asking” went on as well. Hot food was provided for a limited few in the “Church of the Holy Consumption Soup Kitchen”. Cold take-out bags were provided for the rest, containing pop-top cans of corn and Vienna Sausages, a fruit cup, crackers and water. Part of the evening was spent considering the financial realities of those living at or below the Federal Poverty Line ($23,021 annually for a family of 4), discussing the need for affordable housing and how a “normal” day’s activities are affected by homelessness – hygiene, homework and more. This experiment in homelessness ended Sunday morning with a hearty breakfast and time to process the experience.

Youth Lock Out

The La Verne Church of the Brethren youth are a fun-loving, vibrant, unique, personable, and pretty progressive bunch who engage in living out the values of being Christians in the 21st century, whether it be by organizing exciting functions (luncheons, talent shows, etc.) or experiencing things we wouldn’t normally get to experience (homeless lock-out, church tours, etc.). We strive to be open-minded and respectful, as well as acknowledging the needs of others less fortunate than us, like when we participate in the Christmas Shopping Spree for other families. — Paige

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