Worship Themes

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August 4

Don’t Mess with Widows
Susan Boyer

Unnamed people in the Bible are always the marginalized. They don’t even matter enough for us to know their names. Jesus tells a story about an unnamed widow who was discounted by an unnamed judge. But she schooled him, “Don’t mess with widows, we have nothing to lose.”
Luke 18:1-8

August 11

Breaking the Sabbath to Honor the Sabbath
Susan Boyer

The story of the unnamed man with a withered hand is a story so hidden it doesn’t even make it into the lectionary. It is a story about legalism and a pre-existing medical condition.
Matthew 12:9-14

August 18

What Makes a Vision Compelling?
Susan Boyer

The scripture that was the theme text for this year’s denominational conference is filled with one-liners we pull out of context. But if we put this scripture about becoming a new creation back into its context, we see how messy it is to blend theology and life.
2 Corinthians 5:16-21

August 25

Choosing to be Black and Brethren – Part 2
Dr. Eric Bishop

Set apart and together, Black and Brethren can be oxymoronic, or it can be a blueprint for a pathway to justice-making. In either case the risk and path may be treacherous. What choices will the church take?
Revelation 7:9