Worship Themes

Worship 10:30 am

April 1       EASTER SUNDAY
April Fools
Susan Boyer

It took the crucifixion for Jesus to be resurrected in the hearts and minds of his followers. Until they encountered the Resurrected Christ they saw the world the way the empire did. But when they met the Living Christ they unlocked their doors and turned the world upside down.
John 20:1-10, 24-29


April 8       BAPTISIM

Come to the Water
Dawna Welch

Water is in and of itself sacred, the very stuff of life. Without it life cannot exist. In baptism, we are reminded of our own sacredness, through a welcoming moment in which the full potential of Love is glimpsed. Anabel Heredia will be baptized on this Sunday. Mark 1:4-11

April 15       BIBLE SUNDAY
Drawn into the Story
Susan Boyer

Every year we give Bibles to the children of our church who are learning to read for themselves. We don’t give it to them as a rulebook but as an invitation. We want them to join in the story of the people of God.
Matthew 13:33-34

Rejected Stones and Stumbling Blocks
Josih Hostetler

In one of his last series of parables Jesus references the “rejected stone” becoming the cornerstone. This language has been used to describe Jesus, but he includes us in a gruesome, but important, parable of a tenants reaping fruit from a field that is not their own. How do we use this language in modern day to describe Jesus, ourselves, and others? Josih Hostetler, member of our congregation and a board member for the Brethren Mennonite Council on LGBT Interests will bring our morning message.
Psalm 118:22 and Luke 20:9-18.

Choose Life
Susan Boyer

Moses’ last instruction to the Hebrew nation before they enter the Promised Land is “Choose life.” He tells them they will face all kinds of fateful choices that will determine if their future will be one of adversity or blessing.
Deuteronomy 30:15-30