Sunday School

We encourage our younger members to “step into the story” of God.

Praying in Sunday School

Children often come quite naturally to many of the ways adults use to get closer to God; to family, friends, and community; and to the world around them. They can teach us a lot about being present, enthusiastic, imaginative, playful, and full of wonder as ways to experience God’s presence all around us.

Sunday SchoolDuring the school year we have Sunday School for all ages – children through adults. From Pre-Kindergarten (age 3) through 5th grade, we encourage our younger members to “step into the story” through art, music, storytelling and hands-on experiences in the garden, in the church kitchen and throughout our campus! We might bake communion bread; take pictures of hands and explore what it means to be of service; learn a song about Heifer Project; make Valentines for people living in skilled nursing; and rewrite Bible stories using the language of our day. Questions are always allowed and movement is encouraged.

Middle School and High School Youth learn about the Bible while learning to know each other and make sense of the world. Sometimes these two groups meet together. Sometimes they meet separately.

There are classes for adults that explore everything from “What did Jesus learn?” to Near Eastern archeology to what does it mean to be Brethren.  Some classes are ongoing and some spring up for a short study of 4-6 Sundays.  During Lent each year Lenten Interest groups form around such things as bird watching, Art and Architecture, Bible study, hiking, contemplative photography and much more.  Always there are people who love to come and sit on the courtyard during the Sunday School hour and catch up with friends while discussing the burning issues of the day.

Throughout the year, the pastors plan membership classes for youth and adults. Check the church calendar for the next membership class for your age group.

Children visit the garden during Sunday School