Every July, kindergarten through fifth grade children gather each evening for a week learning how to be peace makers.

Peace Camp 2016 Dates – July 25-29

Peace Camp is not Vacation Bible School. We feel strongly that our children need to have the opportunity to work at being peacemakers in this world with the diversity that surrounds them. We invite the whole community to come to Peace Camp. We have children here who come from families that are Christian, Muslim, Jewish or have no faith tradition. They create things in the global village, sing songs, learn skills on how to get a long with others, work in the Peace & Carrots Community Garden, tie dye T-shirts and most of all learn to love and work with others.

Building a playhouseWe do this every summer for children who are kindergarten through fifth grade. Peace Camp lasts for one week and takes place in the evening from 5:30-8 p.m.

A theme is established for the week and carried out through large group, small group, and individual activities.

During the first hour children and adults gather in the sanctuary to hear a story, observe a skit, or listen to an interview. During this time, songs are shared and one is sung each night as the theme song for the week.

The second hour is spent in a small group rotation model which may include instrumental music, cooking, learning sign language, cooperative games, a service project like making blankets for the binky patrol, marching for peace, or creating a banner.

Next is an opportunity to select individual projects during global village. Choices may include building, henna tattoos, candle making, bead stringing, clay, sachets, tile decorating, or bead stringing.

Making Peace Camp t-shirtsEvery year children bring a T shirt to silk screen, the first day,with the peace camp theme for that year, tie dye it on the second day, and after the dye is set and the shirts washed, wear it for the group picture on the fourth day.

On the final evening of Peace Camp, parents join in for the final hour to listen to the children sing, observe the projects they have created, and enjoy some ice cream.

Over eighty children participate and almost as many adults. Children are in groups with two adults who take them from one experience to the next. Other adults lead the small groups or work at the tables during global village. On Saturday, at the end of peace camp week, interested families take a trip by bus to Camp La Verne in the Angelus Oaks for an introduction to a rustic camping experience.

It is rewarding to have so many children return year after year, and watch as junior high and high schoolers return to help. Children learn to take turns, work cooperatively, care for our earth, and help others. We believe that it is vitally important that our children have this opportunity to learn about peace first hand.